PRAVDA pruulikoda

Pravda Fights Will Go On As Long As They Have To
Ukraina / Micro IPA

The fight will go on as long as they have to – one of the “Fight Club”, a film based on the book of the same name by Chuck Polanik, an American novelist of Ukrainian descent. In the picture – a policy that defends the existence of our state during the war.

3.2% abv / 330ml purk / 9,09 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi3 €

Pravda Support UA Breweries
Ukraina / Belgian IPA

Pravda together with brewers from all over Ukraine brewed this Triple Cascade Belgian IPA with the use of three types of Cascade hops: German, American and New Zealand. The profit from the sale of this beer will be transferred to support breweries that are unable to work due to the war. 

6.7% abv / 330ml purk / 15,15 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi5 €

Pravda Chornobaivka Rauch Doppelbock
Ukraina / Doppelbock

"Chornobaivka" is named after the "famous" airport near Herson where orcs kept showing up and then being repeatedly burnt. The beer has a smoky taste and aroma, complemented by pronounced notes of peat.

8% abv / 330ml pudel / 12,12 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi4 €

Pravda Red Eyes
Ukraina / American Red Ale

American Red Ale with a citrus taste and aroma from Columbus and Cascade hops.

5.8% abv / 330ml pudel / 12,12 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi4 €