Yo-ho pruulikoda

Yo-Ho Umami IPA

Jaapan / White IPA

White IPA brewed with dried bonito flakes. There is no fish taste here, but the "umami" taste-producing amino acids have been released from the fish flakes. Enjoy this nice and refreshing Japanese swinging robe!

6.5% abv / 350ml purk / 8,57 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi3 €

Yo-Ho Indo No Aooni IPA

Jaapan / IPA

Indo No Aooni or "Indian Blue Demon". This beer uses 1.5 times more hops and 3 times more malt than regular beer. The grapefruit bitterness of the hops is balanced with the fuller body of malt.

7% abv / 350ml purk / 8,57 € / L

Läbi müüdud

Yo-Ho Yona Yona Ale

Jaapan / American Pale Ale

Yona Yona means "evening after night". The beer has a citrus aroma of hops. It is well balanced, with a malty aroma and taste followed by a bitter hop aftertaste.

5.5% abv / 350ml purk / 8,57 € / L

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Yo-Ho Tokyo Black

Jaapan / English Porter

Roasted malt gives a sweet-bitter taste and a smoky-chocolate-coffee aroma. The aftertaste is long, slightly chocolatey. Goes very well with dessert or completely alone.

5% abv / 350ml purk / 8,57 € / L

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